fireplace stones

Is there anything more atmospheric than the splendor of a stone fireplace? Stone is a favored substance in regard to fireplace design and style, and for good reason.

Stone is amazingly adaptable; you’ll be able to build any style of fireplace that you can imagine; from the nearly fantastical to the traditional. But which stone is right for your fireplace? Here are a few tips to keep in mind before constructing your own beautiful fireplace.

All-around Design and Style

Your homes current layout will steer a person in a certain direction based on which stone they should use. The classiness and beauty involving marble raises the awareness of a far more formal living area. Whereas the traditional curvature involving field-stones could lend an organic and natural appeal to a cottage-style family room.

Determine what type of stone you want for the space by placing examples in the area in question, if any stand out more than the others then you’ve made your choice. Marble is an expensive choice, but if placed properly it can bring out the best in a room.


Routine Maintenance Troubles

Most stone is extremely easy to maintain, all they need is a mild cleaning every so often to keep their shine and beauty. Some other stone, however, can be much more challenging to maintain and keep in spotless condition. Glass beads and limestone are generally more brittle compared to others, consequently additional care is needed to make sure these kinds of stones aren’t dented accidentally. If you ever need help with exterior home repairs it is always recommended to contact a professional like Mattoon roofing.

Moreover, pebble may take much more energy to completely clean compared to, say, granite. This brings us to the elephant in the room: smoke.


Soot and Discoloration

The consistent use of your fireplace will produce soot, and this can compromise the integrity of your stone. Utilizing a filter on your fireplace can certainly help to prevent soot staining.

Dark gray or even dark stone can keep cleaning to a minimum, it isn’t wise to use a lighter colored stone near a fireplace. If you plan to use your fireplace often, aim for something easy to clean up such as marble.


Don’t Forget Your Hearth

Make certain your hearth design enhances the fireplace design and style. Based on the material you choose for the fireplace, you might be able to use the identical content to create your own hearth.

If not, or if perhaps you do not need the hearth made from similar materials, use an item that complements your current fireplace’s design and coloring. Tile is an excellent selection for hearths, as well as some other stone types with the exact same dyes to the primary stone you choose. Make certain that the hearth style alone works for design for the fireplace; you do not need a new cottage-style fireplace tossed away and replaced with a modern day hearth or the other way around.

In the end, the good thing about well-designed as well as well-constructed stone is that it can make your fireplace a show-stopping centerpiece. Check with your developer or sales rep in regards to which stones will likely be right for your fireplace.