outdoor gas fireplace

An outdoor fireplace is an area designed to provide warmth or for cooking, it is a place that creates a relaxing ambience; similar to an indoor fireplace, an outdoor fireplace is designed in a brick box and usually has a chimney.

The fireplaces differ by fuel type and construction type and they can transform a setting into a comfortable area for a gathering or as a romantic scenery. Fireplace inserts are constructions inserted in existing traditional fireplaces they are categorized by the type of fuel they use. Outdoor gas fireplace inserts utilize gas and they are mostly made using cast iron or either steel and they possess self cleaning glass doors that allow the fire to be seenwhile the fire burns and the door remains closed.
Outdoor fireplace that operate using gas inserts are very efficient, they light up with the single push of a button and they provide not only beauty but warmth. The outdoor fireplaces can be located by the pool or at the patio. Just like indoor inserts they are easy to install and the presence of the glass door ensures that there is no disturbance from wind.
There are different types of gas fireplace inserts one of the types is the vent free type fireplace insert which depletes oxygen from the surrounding. There are new versions that have oxygen depletion sensors which turn off gas supply once the oxygen percentage in the surrounding decreases. This mode of fireplace insert is not the best for use outdoors since it may go off unplanned but then again oxygen never gets depleted outdoors so it may not be such a bad idea to own one; besides it is the most energy efficient insert.
Direct vent fireplace inserts release carbon monoxide gas from the back of the unit. It is not the best for outdoor use since it will definitely use up a lot of energy and in case of strong wind the fire may be affected. There are also top ventilation gas fireplace inserts which are actually the best outdoor fireplace inserts because they can utilize the initially created chimney. It is good for an already existing fireplace although it is not the most energy efficient fireplace insert since the high amount of oxygen means that the burning rate becomes faster.
Outdoor gas fireplace inserts as well as other types of outdoor inserts require constant cleaning and maintenance if at all it is to work well and last longer. There are quite a number fireplace insert designs choosing the insert will depends on design and appearance of the fireplace itself. Outdoor fireplaces have the most exotic designs; some of them are designed using bricks while others are designed using stone walls. They should blend well with the garden or the pool depending on where the fireplace has been located. For the patio exotic designs fit best while the pool can have less exotic designs unless the pool neighbors a garden.
Fireplaces are not always put in place for their warmth; many people put them up because of the beauty they create. Some of them barely produce any warmth but if chosen correctly to blend in well with the surroundings they can provide a great relaxation area for you and your loved one.