making stone fireplace

Homeowners can make their homes more cosy and homey by including a well-constructed fireplace. While they can choose a wide number of options, one of the best is the stone fireplace because of the number of advantages they will have. The one they need to know is that they can easily make their own stone fireplaces not only to add a personal touch to the home but also to save some money. The following guidelines will show homeowners how to make stone fireplaces.


Just like with any other construction, the homeowners will need to measure their fireplace. This is important because it will help them in choosing the right number of stones for the fireplace. It is recommended that the homeowners use the measurements to make a template using a wooden board and a tape.


What Stone is suitable?
The next step is to find the best stone type for the home. The selection is not going to be a problem as there are quite a number of online stores that sell them. All the homeowner needs to do is visit the store and check out the gallery in order to find the stones that will fit with the home. Homeowners have the option of choosing granite, limestone, marble, travertine and slate. It is essential that they check out the advantages and disadvantages of these stones before they make a decision. At the same time, they should carefully select the stores so that they end up with reliable ones in terms of service and delivery.
For good fitting, the homeowners should arrange the stones tightly together on the template they created and cut any excesses.


Fixing the stones
The homeowners should mix the mortar and the water in a pan to come up with a consistency similar to that of a cake batter. Using a trowel, they should apply the mortar on the back of the store before installing the stone on the hearth as per the pattern they developed. Using a mason’s hammer to get rid of the long or sharp edges is recommended because it is safer.
They can create a frame using the wood and support them using a nail gun. The next step is to add the stone to the mantel, wait for the mortar to dry and apply more mortar on the cracks between the stones.


They will also need to build a wooden hearth into the firebox. Using the undersides of the heart, they should attach them on the underside of the hearth using wood glue and nail gun. The hearth should then be placed inside the firebox before they install the slate against the frame.
Once that is done, they should add grout to the spaces in between the stones. Using a wet sponge, they should get rid of the excess grout and wait for it to dry before they add sealer between the slate pieces.
The final step is to fit a mantle. They should measure the fireplace’s length and use wood to create one. The use of a router can help in adding a design on the edges. They can also enhance the appearance of the mantle by using wooden stains.

apply stones to fireplace