How to Build Wood Burning Fireplaces

A fireplace is a very important asset in a home for it helps in reduction of heating expenses. They usually get extremely hot with interior temperature exceeding 540 degrees Celsius. When installing or building a fireplace there are some requirements that are supposed to be taken into consideration. Some of them are stated below together with how to build wood burning fireplaces:


Install a chimney


If the house does not have a chimney, it is necessary that it is installed because the fireplace emits a lot of smoke that require an outlet for leaving the house. An UL approved insulated one or a masonry chimney is also needed. It is best to construct a vertical, straight chimney-the fewer the bends in it, the better. Cap it to keep birds and some other animals out.Spot the suitable location
This is another requirement that should be considered seriously in order the house to be heated properly by the fireplace. It is best if built in the centre of the house on the ground floor. Here the heat circulates easily into the nearest room. Also it should be where there is room for loading wood and removing ash. After locating the suitable, a well mixed cement is used to set the foundation and build the fireplace.The surroundings should be non-combustible.
The wood burning fireplace gets so hot hence some precautions of ensuring that it doesn’t burn the house should be taken into consideration. It should be placed at least 25 centimeters away from the non-combustible walls and 76 centimeters away from the combustible ones. The wood burning fireplace should be set on a non-combustible floor. Another thing is that a 28-gauge sheet metal should be installed on the wall near the fireplace and either prefabricated stove boards ceramic tile, concrete slab or a UL approved material under the stove in order to make it secure for heating.


A register plate


This is a plate that is used to fasten up the throat of the fireplace and contains a hole for the sweeping access, a flue pipe and a bracket if required to hold up the flue pipe. The flue pipe is needed to pass through the fireplace to the register plate.
The register plate, the fixings, fire cement and the necessary flue can be delivered with the fireplace. This illustrates that persons can purchase all their needs online or any shop near their area that sells the wood burning fireplace equipments.


Fitting of a freestanding fireplace


Through using a double skin insulated flue, the fireplace can be build anywhere hence no chimney is required here.
A pipe is required that is used to connect the wood burning fireplace to the approved chimney. Most of this should be 17” from the ceiling or a wall-this can be done by use of special double-wall which is close to a clearance interior pipe or a pipe heat shields. These pipes are of two types close clearance and single wall which is designed to join a fireplace to a chimney nearby.
Above are some of the requirements and how to build wood burning fireplaces at a home.