Get your yahoo ready for the cold months by sweeping the chimney. It is advisable that you inspect and clean it annually. The most suitable time is at the beginning of winter. Hire a professional cleaning service to take care of the debris and soot that was accumulated over the year. Dirty chimneys are one of the major reasons for unintentional fire incidents. The chimney’s flue helps the smoke to get out of the fireplace and therefore the house. It not only prevents potential indoor fire, but also helps your fireplace to work more efficiently. Execute regular cleaning sessions, and you should worry for one less thing. In addition you should beware of the warning signs like smoke inside the room and burning smell when you don’t use the appliance.

Cast Stone is an amazing material for mantles. It works for the modern minimalist who wants a clean concrete look and for the classical specialist to give the beautiful carved stone look. Here at Stone Mountain Casting and Design we have a very unique material that is strong, beautiful, and very diverse. In the showroom we have over 30 different styles of mantles and we also do complete custom work Come check us out and we would love to assist in creating a one of a kind fireplace.fireplace mantels

Just updated our fireplace mantle before Christmas. Let me reinforce some points based on my misteps. #1 Coordinate fireplace upgrade with flooring contractors, firepalce first. #2 If you want to upgrade components of the firebox, ever, consider that before brick & morter and #3 consult with someone who is a fireplace expert. My project turned out OK after several days of getting my contractors all on the same page. Live and learn.

Sorry Pangaea, only just seen your comment. The product I used was Promat Superlux but I don’t know if it’s available in USA. I’m sure there will be other brands available. I ordered direct from the agent but, but should be able to order from your builders merchants as an 8 x 4 board.

Hi Kroz, yes I agree about the colour would set it off well. The problem in this room was that the ceiling and wall line was so complicated I wanted it all the same colour to simplify the shapes. The large rectangular fire surround was an attempt to insert some regular geometry into the room.